Fabulous Fashion Finds

Who can fail to be inspired by the ethos of the great fashion guidebook “Cheap Chic.” First published in 1975, and written by Caterine Milinaire and Carol Troy, the book is filled with advice on creating one’s own unique personal style. Still relevant 40 plus years later, it teaches how to incorporate vintage, army surplus and inexpensive basics with unique pieces to create a truly interesting wardrobe. While many of the small independent shops listed as resources in the back of the book no longer exist, there are still fantastic resale shops and independent stores where one can curate a singular look. And of course, as always, make sure to add lots of colorful and unusual jewelry to the mix.
Cheap Chic dressing to create your own personal style
Ewa Rudling deluxe ragpicker epitomizes the spirit of Cheap Chic. "It’s not the budget, it’s the imagination”
Cheap Chic hundreds of money saving hints to create your own great look
"When you can't afford to play with clothes, you can always have fun dressing up your face." 
Cheap Chic great thrift shop finds and style guide
“fashion is actually wearing things that feel good together, that delight you, and kowing that ‘bad taste’ is just a figment of someone else’s paranoia.”