Mothers Day Greetings

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it is both fun and fascinating to look at vintage cards for inspiration. Typical motifs for this annual celebration of mom include kittens, butterflies and birds (also common motifs for May Came Home jewelry!)

This research brought to our attention the Hallmark Archives at headquarters in Kansas City, MO. The company, which was started in 1910 by Joyce Hall, has preserved thousands of cards and original art documenting its history. Employees can access the collection both in person and digitally for product inspiration.

It also brought to our attention another "unsung" female artist, Mary Hamilton. Hamilton worked at Hallmark for 60 years, illustrating hundreds of cards and was a fan favorite.

Don't forget to send a card (or jewelry) to a mom you love.


Mary Hamilton Bird vintage mother's day card hallmark
Vintage Hallmark Mother's Day Card by Mary Hamilton


Bye Bye Birdie pendant May Came Home

Vintage Mother's Day Card with popular motifs

Butterfly pendant and cat earrings, May Came Home