David Klein and the Vintage Poster

The allure of exotic locales, memories of vintage Broadway and the majesty of the New York World’s Fair, all awash in a riot of playful color is what make the illustations of David Klein so exquisite and so inspirational. Known for his work for TWA and honored in the permanant collection at MOMA, Klein’s pieces define an era.
Though Klein was born in Texas and completed his studies in California, he made his way to New York after WWII and settled in Brooklyn. It was in Brooklyn, many years later that Debbie and her husband—both huge admirers and collectors of his poster art—tracked him down for a meeting.
Perhaps just as inspirational as the work that David Klein produced during his career was the artistic freedom that surrounded the work. When Debbie spent time with Klein, he recounted how TWA would simply commission him to do a poster for a particular country - India, for example - and he would then do research at the library to create whatever he felt.
Though much of the advertising world no longer enjoys such freedom, the independent artists and designers of today are still rife with vision and the space in which to execute it.

Fly TWA "India" by David Klein with wonderful troupe l'oeil cabochon details

Fly TWA "New York" by David Klein in the collection of MOMA 



May Came Home jewelry is inspired by the bold graphics and 


brilliant colors of the golden age of advertising posters